Panoptès is a collection of modern and contemporary art as well as a not for profit platform dedicated to research initiatives in the fields of art and philosophy. It was founded by Émilie De Pauw in 2015.

At the core of our interests lie the ways in which artists interrogate and redefine the phenomenological experience of space, light, sound and movement. We seek to engage primarily with the nature of perception through investigations of the expanded field of sculpture, immersive environments, and the uses of technology and science in the creation of sensory experiences. The collection includes pieces from different moments of the history of art of the twentieth century including Geometric Abstraction, Minimalism, GRAV and Light and Space. Our efforts are put towards the development of a wider understanding of phenomenal and experiential art through the study of the influence of key ideas developed by early twentieth-century artists and theorists on the radical practices of the 1960s and 1970s but also the legacies of these ideas on contemporary practices.

As a platform, Panoptès has several aims. We consider the possible ways in which the collection can be extended through acquisitions, or can travel through loans to institutions in Belgium and abroad. We support emerging artists through commissions and develop research initiatives to bring together artists, art historians and curators with experts from different fields. And lastly we offer a program of workshops bridging philosophy and art for children.


Émilie De Pauw, Inès de Bordas and Pamela Severin

Claire De Pauw

Claire De Pauw’s approach to art was the driving force behind the birth of Panoptès and remains a constant source of inspiration.

Over fifty years, Claire De Pauw (1925-2015) assembled a collection of fine and decorative arts. In her 1970s apartment in the heart of Brussels, she created an environment that epitomised the spirit of her own time, where she brought into dialogue works spanning centuries and continents. Through an effort of conservation and loans to institutions, Panoptès intends to protect and maintain Claire De Pauw’s legacy.

Claire De Pauw