James Turrell - Panoptes Collection - Brussels

Panoptès is a private art collection located in Brussels, Belgium. Founded by Émilie De Pauw in 2015, it focuses on perceptual minimalism. Its mission is to preserve significant artworks, to support artists and scholars, as well as to share its interests with the public, hoping to contribute to the understanding of this art form.

Because of its focus on phenomenological considerations, the collection includes pieces from movements such as Minimalism and Post-Minimalism, Optical Art, Light and Space, Geometric Abstraction, Neo-Concrete Art or Environmental Art. Through a dialogue between established and contemporary artists, it seeks to reflect on the influence early abstraction had on the radical practices that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as their impact on art today.

Panoptès is open to the public several times a year and also by appointment.


Claire De Pauw’s approach to art has been the driving force behind the creation of Panoptès and remains a constant source of inspiration to this day. Over fifty years, she assembled a consistent collection of decorative and fine arts which she displayed in her 1970s apartment located in the heart of Brussels. There, she created an environment that captured the spirit of her time while juxtaposing works spanning centuries and continents. Panoptès intends to protect and maintain Claire De Pauw’s legacy through efforts of conservation and loans to institutions.