Dimitri Mallet

Born in Avignon, in the South of France in 1983, Dimitri Mallet situates his research between the limits of the various physical aspects of cognition and those of social construction. Often referring to minimalism and conceptual heritage, Mallet initiates a continuous mental dialogue with the viewer, where the artist is the one who brings to light paradoxes, and inverts syntax of common perception.

Mallet works exist as an antithesis to rapid vision, therefore to overwhelming visual consumption. He tries to establish systems of sensitive measures that question the condition of the viewer, his relationship to the work of art, to the context, to the space, to others. And more broadly our attitude towards silence, emptiness and contemplation.

Silence Painting, 2015-2022 © Dimitri Mallet, ADAGP Paris 2022
Vue de l'exposition Le temps de l'audace et de l'engagement - De leur temps, 12 mars-8 mai 2016, Institut d’art contemporain / Villeurbanne © Blaise Adilon