François Morellet

A founder of the Visual Art Research Group (G.R.A.V.), with Julio Le Parc and Jean-Pierre Yvaral, François Morellet were convinced that painting and sculpture were obsolete in the 1960s. Attracted by industrial materials such as neon and hopping to make the spectators react and participate, François Morellet has been creating minimal, abstract, geometric and luminous installations since 1963.

Fil avec mouvement ondulatoire plays on the viewer’s retinal persistence. Spatialized, this persistence causes sensations of spatial contractions and expansions. In this way, the artist shows how rigorous and scientific his research is. Because if it is not a question here of declaring the death of art as had done among others the constructivists, but of ridding art of its symbols, of the figuration and the comments which are associated with it in order to be part of the movement of progression that the artist perceives in modern art.