Luisa Lambri

Born in 1969 in Como, Luisa Lambri is an Italian artist whose atmospheric photographs stand in clear contrast to the established practice of architectural photography which has traditionally focused its attention on the exteriors of buildings. She travels the world photographing architectural interiors, often spending extended periods of time experiencing the buildings before she begins shooting. Her images give a sense of experience of being in the space as her photographs not only capture the physical topology of these structures but elaborate on the profound psychological and emotional responses they elicit from their inhabitants. She primarily photographs private houses, focusing on the view from the inside to the outside thereby establishing a physical and conceptual position for herself and the viewer. These delicately crafted images oscillate between objective representations of space and Lambri’s perceptions and reactions.

Lambri’s work investigates the relationship between architecture and light. Focusing on a corner, a door, or the depth of a window; she allows the light to skim the cold walls, changing the tone to a warm invitation. Lambri’s images play with geometric shapes, space and subtle colours converting large empty spaces to the finest of details.