Dimitry Orlac

Born in Koper, Slovenia, in 1956, Dimitry Orlac embarked on a multifaceted artistic journey that seamlessly blends philosophy and fine arts. After studying philosophy in Paris, he enriched his approach with a profound expertise gained at the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts. Orlac’s oeuvre is characterized by two distinct approaches—the exploration of monochromes, which forms the core of his painting practice, and the play of light evident in his neon paintings and environmental interventions, such as the notable contribution to the Toulouse metro.

His commitment to the Tableaux/Graphites represents a meticulously crafted « life program, » marking a new phase in his artistic evolution. This venture not only asserts a substantial presence in space but, more significantly, establishes a direct relationship with time through the repeated gesture—an intricate and thoughtfully matured expression of his artistic philosophy. Dimitry Orlac’s work stands as a testament to his mastery and innovation, weaving together diverse influences and mediums into a cohesive and impactful artistic narrative.