DeWain Valentine

Born in 1936 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Dewain Valentine emerged as a prominent figure in the Southern California art scene during the 1960s. Renowned for his innovative use of materials, particularly his mastery of polyester resin, Valentine’s sculptures often explored the interplay of light and color.

His iconic « Circle » and « Column » series showcased his fascination with geometric forms and transparency. The artist’s emphasis on creating perceptual experiences through his work contributed significantly to the Light and Space movement’s ethos.

Valentine’s impact extended beyond his artistic endeavors; he played a vital role in establishing the famed Los Angeles gallery, Ferus Gallery, alongside fellow artists Ed Ruscha and Robert Irwin. His works are featured in renowned institutions, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Dewain Valentine’s artistic legacy endures through his influential contributions to the Southern California art scene and his pioneering work in transforming materials to evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and contemplation.

« In Colorado where I was living and painting, I had a love affair with the sky and the clouds and the mountains. You didn’t see the air in Colorado. It was just crystal. When I moved to California, the smog became a substance. The quality of the light had a body to it that was just thrilling. »